Even Farmers Cry When Lambs Are Led to Slaughter

The Perennial Plate farmer dinner photoThe Perennial Plate/Video screen capture

From killing invasive species to DIY turkey slaughter, The Perennial Plate can always be relied upon to offer up thoughtful contributions on the ethics of eating meat.

This latest video is no exception, as we hear from a farmer about how hard it is to watch his lambs die. For those who believe that all meat is murder, it must be difficult to comprehend how someone can acknowledge the difficulty and keep doing what they do. But whatever the arguments over the rights and wrongs of eating meat, this tells me one important thing—ethical farmers care deeply about their animals, even those they lead to slaughter.

The Perennial Plate farmer dinner 2 photoThe Perennial Plate/Video screen capture

But the adorability of lambs is just one insight from this rather touching video of a farm-to-table dinner in Georgia. From the edibility of everything to the reasons why farmers farm, we learn a lot about what our food system could be like.

And we also get to see just how much chefs like to drink...

The Perennial Plate Episode 91: Southern Table from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

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