Einstein Bros. Says 'No' To Pig Gestation Crates

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Hopefully the First of Many Steps in the Right Direction

Animal welfare is an emotional topic for me. Some of the news items are enough to give me nightmares. But while progress is usually much slower than I would like, I think it's important to highlight steps taken in the right direction. It's all good and well to have the stick, but you also need the carrot to let people and companies when they do the right thing. So today's news is that the Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, known for its Einstein Bros Bagel shops, as well as Noah's New York Bagels and Manhattan Bagel brands, has decided to eliminate from its supply chain suppliers who use pig 'gestation crates'.

If you're not familiar with what a 'gestation crate' is, Wikipedia provides this definition:

A gestation crate, also known as a sow stall, is a metal enclosure used in intensive pig farming, in which a female breeding pig (sow) may be kept during pregnancy, and in effect for most of her adult life.[1] The enclosures measure 6.6 ft x 2.0 ft (2 m x 60 cm) and house sows that weigh up to 600 lbs (270 kg).

They also have photos if you want to see, but it's a sad sight.

Good move Einstein, but it only raises the question: Why doesn't everybody else do it, and more? And what else can you clean up at your suppliers?

Via Humane Society

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