Environmental Activist Shot in Brazil, Eighth Since May

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The struggle between environmentalists and deforesters has once again turned violent in Northern Brazil with the recent killing of an Amazon activist, the eighth to be assassinated in the region since May. Farmer Joao Chupel Primo, an outspoken protester of illegal logging in the rainforest of the Brazilian state of ParĂ¡, was shot in the head by two assailants. Although police have yet to identify the motives of those responsible, the murder bears troubling similarities to acts of violence committed against other environmental leaders in recent months.

According to a report from Agencia Estado, local authorities do not know who murdered Primo, but the farmer had been subject to numerous threats in response to his leadership in denouncing logging and land grabbing in the state of ParĂ¡. Recently, Primo had filed complaints and offered tips to police regarding illegal activities -- which include up to around 20 truckloads of timber being shipped out of the forest every day.

Witnesses say that Primo was shot in the head by two men who confronted him outside his home.

Primo is the eighth outspoken environmentalist to be murdered since May in the Amazon region of Brazil, following increased conflicts between ranchers, illegal loggers, and eco-activists. In nearly all cases, those responsible for the crimes have yet to be apprehended.

Environmental Activist Shot in Brazil, Eighth Since May
Anti-deforestation activists face violence in Brazil

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