Is Eating Meat Ethical? (Survey)

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The New York Times is running an interesting contest, soliciting essays from readers explaining why it is ethical to eat meat. Ariel Kaminer writes:

Those who love meat...say that meat is deeply ingrained in our habit or culture or cuisine or that it’s nutritious or that it’s just part of the natural order. Some of the more conscientious carnivores have devoted themselves to enhancing the lives of livestock, by improving what those animals eat, how they live and how they are killed. But few have tried to answer the fundamental ethical issue: Whether it is right to eat animals in the first place, at least when human survival is not at stake.

I thought that lots of people have tried to look at this question, with the most prominent ones being on the jury, including Peter Singer, Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, Jonathan Safran Foer and Andrew Light. Then of course there is our own Sami Grover who has done it to death, links at left.

Many couldn't wait to submit; at the time of this writing there are already 552 comments. For TreeHugger readers who can't wait, we make it even easier with a very simple poll:

Is Eating Meat Ethical? (Survey)
The New York Times asks if it is ethical to eat meat. So do we.

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