Does this look like organic egg production to you?

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Video screen capture Deconstructing Dinner

We already know that organic eggs don't always come from happy hens. Even when free range and organic egg production is significantly better than the battery hen counterpart, it's a fair bet that most supermarket eggs were produced in conditions that bare little resemblance to the bucolic scenes of pastures and red barns that tend to adorn their boxes.

This somewhat cynical conclusion would appear to be backed up by the first episode in the new season of Deconstructing Dinner, the hit radio food show that we reported on back in 2012 as it aimed to crowdfund a transition to TV.

That effort appears to be successful, and John Steinman kicks off the season with an in-depth look at how eggs are produced - from the unquestionably cruel battery hen system to more humane, yet still intensive organic and free range options, to the truly pasture raised and free to roam.

It's fascinating stuff. As producer Declan O’Driscoll, whose previous ichannel documentary, Milk War, earned a
James Beard Award in 2011, explains—the goal is to hold the food system accountable by providing some much needed transparency:

“Deconstructing Dinner asks what we are really paying for when we buy the ingredients for tonight’s meal.”

eggs photoDeconstructing Dinner/Video screen capture

Airing weekly across Canada on ichannel, the episodes will each be posted shortly after broadcast on the Deconstructing Dinner website. Be sure to check them out.

Here's what other treats they have in store for us:

September 16 - Eggs
September 23 - Garlic
September 30 - Wheat
October 7 - Tomatoes
October 14 - Honey
October 21 - Pork

Does this look like organic egg production to you?
"Cage free", "free range", "organic". There's always been some ambiguity around these labels. So what does organic egg production really look like?

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