Deconstructing Dinner: Foodie Radio Show to Hit Screens, With Your Help

Deconstructing Dinner 2 photoDeconstructing Dinner/Video screen capture

Before Food Inc, Planeat, The Perennial Plate or any number of other documentaries lifted the lid on our food system, there was a radio show.

From 2006 to 2010, Deconstructing Dinner ran as an internationally syndicated radio show and podcast, funded almost entirely by listeners. They covered all aspects of the food system, old and new—see Jeff's post on a sail-powered grain CSA (Community Supported Agriculture scheme) as just one example. Now the creators of that show are looking to bring it back as a six-part documentary series for online video or TV.

But they need your help to do it.

Deconstructing Dinner photoDeconstructing Dinner/Video screen capture

Here's a short blurb about what writer and host Jon Steinman and 2011 James Beard Award winning filmmaker and ichannel producer Declan O’Driscoll have in mind:

Deconstructing Dinner: Reconstructing Our Food System will be a six episode HD series for television and the web. The series will celebrate the role we can all play in redefining our food system right in our own communities and kitchens. What's a 'food system'? From the soil to our plates, think of every set of hands, building, truck, or government regulation which our food passes through. Together, this is the 'food system'!

Each episode will highlight one food and how its industrially and artisanally produced versions impact local economies, the environment, communities, health and flavor.

Check out the Kickstarter appeal video below, and head on over to their Kickstarter page if you are moved to contribute.

Deconstructing Dinner: Foodie Radio Show to Hit Screens, With Your Help
In podcasts and on the radio, Deconstructing Dinner has been uncovering the flaws our food system and proposing alternatives. Now they are ready for the screen.

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