Death to All Bees! (And Other Great Videos)

Death to All Bees image
Video screen capture Studio Smack/Greenpeace

With a petition to outlaw neonicotinoid pesticides gathering millions of signatures, and with the European Union implementing a temporary precautionary ban, you'd think bees and bee advocates would be breathing a sigh of relief right now.

But threats against these furry pollinators continue. Not least among them, the Anti-Bees Organization, whose propaganda film can be seen below.


This is, or course, a tongue-in-cheek parody from Greenpeace and the Netherlands-based Studio Smack, and it's an excellent reminder of the absurdity of our current situation. While very few people would actively advocate for the eradication of all bees, as a society we still appear to be working toward that end through the continued threats of intensive monocultures, biodiversity loss, indiscriminate pesticide use and the ongoing march of manmade climate change.

It's not the only good bee advocacy video out there. Below are a few more of our favorites.

Louie Schwartzberg: The Stunning Beauty of Pollination

If parody is not your thing, then maybe admiration is. Film maker Louie Schwartzberg argues that we'll "protect what we fall in love with.

Here's hoping he's right.

Give Your Phone a Bee Beard

The video above was a commercial for the Irish hard cider, Magners. As we posted back in 2011, the commercial was coupled with a mobile app which allowed users to "give their phone a bee beard". Each time the app was downloaded, Magners made a donation to British and Irish beekeepers associations. This isn't, of course, the only corporate commercial aiming to save the bees. Haagen Dazs' Bee Boy Mayhem being just one example among many. Could it be that the food industry would quite like to keep honeybees around?

Backwards Beekeepers: How to Capture a Swarm

One of the upsides of the recent honeybee crisis has been the uptick in interest in bees, beekeeping and the health of our pollinators. Of the many educational videos out there on beekeeping, some of my favorites have come from Kirkobeeo and the Backwards Beekeepers, whose focus on organic and minimal-intervention beekeeping is a little different from the mainstream. His footage of bee war set to Black Sabbath is also well worth watching, for any bee-enthused metal heads out there.

Planting Bee Roads

One of the other bright spots has also been that people are no longer thinking about protecting bees as simply being about protecting bees. When the UK's Cooperative Group - which owns one of the largest supermarket chains in the country - launched its Plan Bee, one aspect of the program was to plant "Bee Roads" consisting of pesticide-free wildflower plantings on agricultural land across the UK, as well as discontinuing the use on their own farms of pesticides that have been implicated in bee deaths.

Death to All Bees! (And Other Great Videos)
"Bees. Who Needs Them?" An anti-bee propaganda film captures our imagination, as do these other great bee-related videos.

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