Transforming a conventional orchard into a fruit forest

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From 2000-year-old food forests to an amazing, chaotic and largely self-sustaining allotment, we've seen plenty of examples of permaculture projects that aim to rethink the model of how we grow food.

What's often asked, however, is whether permaculture can really replace mainstream farming.

Stefan Sobkowiak believes it can. And he's been working for the last 20 years to convert a 12 acre conventional commercial orchard into Miracle Farms, a largely self-sustaining permaculture food forest that uses little to no external fertilizer, and encourages a broad diversity of plants, insects and soil life to maintain its health and produce its bounty.

Now a new documentary project seeks to spread the word about his work. And, through Kickstarter, they are looking for your support to do it.

Transforming a conventional orchard into a fruit forest
Stefan Sobkowiak is converting a 12-acre commercial orchard into a diverse, self-sustaining food forest. A new film aims to document how.

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