Community Group Harvests 25,000lbs of Fruit From Unloved Trees

Portland Fruit Tree Project photoPeak Moment TV/Video screen capture

April covered the work of Katy Kolker and the Portland Fruit Tree Project before, just one of many community organizations that gleans unwanted or underutilized fruit harvests in people's backyards, and shares the bounty with those who will make use of it.

It's an awesome concept for anyone who hates waste, and Janaia Donaldson sat down with Kolker to find out more about how the organization operates, why it all got started, and just how much fruit a group like this can gather.

With the harvest clocking in at around 25,000 lbs of fruit at latest count, it's safe to say that this is a formidable tool in the fight against hunger and waste. And as if this was not enough, the group is also providing young fruit trees to community members for a small donation. Let's just hope there are people around who are willing to pick the bounty when they mature.

Want to get involved? Check out the Portland Fruit Tree Project.

Community Group Harvests 25,000lbs of Fruit From Unloved Trees
A Portland community "gleaning" group distributes huge amounts of fruit that would otherwise have gone to waste.

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