China's Love Of Pork Means Factory Farms Are Displacing Small Farmers

china pig photo

photo: Clemson/Creative Commons

The same sort of agricultural shift from small-scale producers of livestock to industrialized factory farms that is dominant in the United States is also overtaking China. As how that impacts Chinese pig farming and how factory farming is bad for public health, bad for the pigs, and bad for the environment, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy has a new study out that's worth reading. IATP says,

China's pig industry [the biggest in the world, with most all of it consumed domestically] has become more and more dependent on multinational agribusiness investment and imports for feed. This development has changed the dynamic of agriculture in China and pished smaller-scale pig producers out of business. It has also played a role in increasing demand for agricultural land internationally.

Read more: Feeding China's Pigs: Implications for the Environment, China's Smallholder Farmers and Food Security [PDF]

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