Chicago Truck Farm Makes Urban Agriculture Mobile

Truck Farm photoGrowing Your Greens/Video screen capture

Given the significant impact that weight has on fuel efficiency, anything that adds extra pounds to an automotive vehicle should be considered with extreme caution.

Nevertheless, there's something pretty darned cool about truck farms.

From a mobile greenhouse through a Brooklyn truck CSA to the Denver Urban Truck Farm, these mobile agricultural installations prove you can garden almost anywhere. And they take agricultural educational to audiences that might not otherwise get to experience it.

In his latest video, John from Growing Your Greens—who has previously shown us vertical gardens in airport terminals and huge aquaponics farms in disused warehouses—explores just what you can grow in about 40 square feet of space.

I'm really not sure of the practicality (or ecological desirability) of utilizing the coolant to warm the soil as John suggests (it simply sounds like you'd need to do too much driving to make it worthwhile), but I do see how as an urban demonstration project this could have a lot of good uses.

Check out Truck Farm Chicago for more details.

Chicago Truck Farm Makes Urban Agriculture Mobile
It's certainly an eye catching spectacle, but is a farm on the back of a truck really green?

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