Bill Gates explains why fake meat is the future

Bill Gates on Future of Food
Screen capture Gates Notes

Perfecting the illusion

Bill Gates has just published a new feature on The Gates Notes, his blog. It's all about alternatives to animal meat that could meet humanity's growing demand for meat over the next decades without all of the environmental and ethical problems caused by our current factory farming system.

Bill Gates on Future of FoodGates Notes/Screen capture

It's a pretty niece piece, with infographics, a short inerview with Michael Pollan, videos, and even some of Gates' personal experience with the meat substitutes:

Food scientists are creating healthful plant-based alternatives that taste just like eggs, chicken, and other sources of protein.

Companies like Beyond Meat and Hampton Creek Foods are experimenting with new ways to use heat and pressure to turn plants into foods that look and taste just like meat and eggs. I tasted Beyond Meat's chicken alternative and was impressed. I couldn't tell the difference between Beyond Meat and real chicken. Beyond Eggs, Hampton Creek Foods' egg substitute, doesn't contain the high cholesterol of real eggs.

Bill Gates on Future of FoodGates Notes/Screen capture

Check it out: Bill Gates -- The Future of Food

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