Andras Forgacs envisions leather and meat without killing animals (video)

Andras Forgacs
Screen capture TED

"In 30 years when we look back at what we do today, we'll see it as crazy"

Personally deciding to go vegan is great, but getting the whole planet to go vegan is unfortunately not so easy. But what if we could have meat and leather without killing animals? Andras Forgacs is co-founder of a biofrabrication company called Modern Meadow, and in this TED talk, he discusses how we have a humane alternative to the current sad state of affairs. At first, this technology will be used to create replacement organs for people who are sick or hurt, but as the technology matures, there's no reason why it couldn't be used to replace factory farming, something that would be good both for the animals and our planet. It'll take a while for people to get used to it (the technology's not ready anyway, so there's time for that..), but if we were starting from scratch and giving people a choice between that and what we do now to get meat and leather, I think they'd pick the humane way for sure.

For more on the technology, you can watch Andras' father speak at TEDmed in 2011:


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