Allan Savory shows us how to combat desertification and fix climate change

Allan Savory TED TalkTED/Screen capture

An important TED Talk on healing the land

I don't want to raise expectations too much because that's the sure way to disappointment, but I think this presentation by Allan Savory is very important and more people should pay attention to what he has to say. Desertification too often flies under the radar, in part because many people seem to think that there's not much we can do about it. But as Mr. Savory shows, that's untrue, and the benefits of dealing with this problem would be immense; not only be healing large areas of the Earth back to more biologically-productive states, but also because it could help us deal with global warming.

Mr. Savory even claims that restored soil could absorb enough carbon to bring us back to pre-industrial atmospheric levels, and that for a relatively low cost. How amazing would that be? To improve the health of many ecosystems and fix the climate? Even if Mr. Savory's techniques only work half as well as he claims, they seem worth implementing on a large scale as quickly as possible.

I strongly recommend that you set 20 minutes aside and watch this great TED talk:

In short, this is a great TED talk, one of my favorites in a long time (and I really liked Elon Musk's recent one). Share it with friends and family!

You can find out more about Mr. Savory and his work at the Savory Institute, including research references.

And if you want even more, here's a talk that he gave in 2009:

Allan Savory - EXTRACTS - Keeping Cattle: cause or cure for climate crisis? from Feasta on Vimeo.


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