60,000 sq.ft. Warehouse Grows Edible Mushrooms for Health and Ecology

mushroom farming shelves photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From inoculating shiitake mushroom logs to growing oyster mushrooms in coffee grounds, I've messed around a little with growing fungi at home.

But that's nothing compared to what large-scale specialty mushroom growing operations can achieve. This latest video from the oh-so-prolific Fair Companies pays a visit to Far West Fungi of San Francisco, where the Garrone family operates 60,000 square feet of mushroom grow rooms.

mushroom farming mycelium photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From sourcing waste biomass through sterilizing the substrate to inoculating it with mycelium, the process of growing shrooms on this scale is not a million miles different from the process that DIYers would follow. But it's the scale and efficiency of the operation that's so impressive, combined with owner Ian Garrone's passion for and knowledge of mushrooms and what they can do.

mushroom farming fruit photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

But Far West Fungi is not just about growing edibles. The operation is also keeping a native San Francisco strain of oyster mushroom in stock so it can be deployed as a mycoremediation tool to clean up oil spills and break down hydrocarbons.

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