Hundreds of Chicks Hatch From 'Spoiled' Eggs Dumped at Landfill (Video)

Baby chicks

A landfill comes alive with great flurries of yellow as hundreds of chicks get a lucky break.

What's cuter than a gaggle of chicks? Hundreds of them. Running around in circles with a chorus of chirps drowning out everything save for the audible cooing and confused holllering of humans.

Such was the scene in the most unlikeliest of places: A landfill. This particular chick-infested landfill is near the city of Marneuli, in the Eastern European country of Georgia.

According to reports, the landfill exploded with yellow downy life after a poultry farm – thinking the eggs were duds – sent them to the dump. The hot weather conspired with the nascent birds and voila, chicks everywhere.

Marneuli mayor Timur Abazov explains:

“They [the poultry farm] believed the eggs were spoiled. They were thrown away at the dump. But there are rocks – and the sun heated the eggs. The conditions were the same as if hens had hatched them.”

Of course the next question is, what happened to them? This could go either way ... but fortunately, it appears there was a lot of rescuing going on.

“So many were hatched. Most chicks have been saved for now – although they may be eaten soon,” says the mayor. “Many local people took the chicks home.”

And while maybe the fate for some of them is the dinner plate, we can at least hope that they have a better life in someone's back yard than life at the poultry farm. But who knows, given their initial lucky break, who's to say they won't get another?

All of the glory was captured on video and posted on Facebook by user Sahid Bayramov, as you can see in the clip below.