Surprise Hopscotch Experiment Provides Joy for Pedestrians (Video)

Hopscotch course written with chalk on concrete


Could you walk across a sidewalk hopscotch court and resist the urge to hop?

I haven't thought about hopscotch for years ... but when I watched the video below, every muscle in my body remembered the exact feeling of hop-hop-hop-doublehop-hop-doublehop-hop. And it made me very happy ... and it made me want to find a hopscotch court ASAP.

I don't know what it is about hopscotch – is it really that amazingly fun? Or maybe it is more of a wormhole to the freewheeling days of childhood; to playgrounds and summer afternoons spent with chalk and a pebble on the sidewalk.

Whatever the draw is, it certainly brings out the inner child in grown-ups, as can be seen in The Hopscotch Experiment. The fun folks at Cut – a media company that makes amusing and/or thought-provoking viral videos – decided to chalk a hopscotch course on a sidewalk in Seattle and secretly film it for 10 hours. It is a joy to watch.

I also love how this works to reclaim some of the emotional real estate of the sidewalk. In towns and cities all over, car culture has long been eating away at walking culture – sidewalks all too often bearing the brunt of this wrong-headed dominance. (Though this stretch of sidewalk in Seattle is nice and wide, even if there is a driveway cutting across it.) The Hopscotch Experiment is like a little love letter to the sidewalk, a place where random delight awaits the passersby. I'm not so sure how well this would work in midtown Manhattan, but I say yes to more guerilla hopscotch courts. As for me, I'll be right back ... gabbing some chalk and heading outside.