Surfrider Foundation Calls Us Out on Our Water Cycle of Insanity (Video)

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We have a weird relationship with water. We know it's a precious resource, we know that less than 1% of water on the planet is available for human consumption. And yet as a species, we have the craziest, mostwasteful and polluting ways of dealing with water. World Water Day is approaching - March 22nd...mark your calendars - and the Surfrider Foundation is getting ready to point out the "Cycle of Insanity" and show us the real story of our water through a video that links up our water management system to problems happening along our coastlines. But along with pointing out the lunacy, they're offering smart solutions for sustainable practices. Check out the video after the jump. The Surfrider Foundation points out that, "Despite what our decision makers tell us, we're not in a water crisis; our water management system is itself a crisis." That is a savvy point. We could easily have enough water to last us an infinite amount of time, but we're abusing the resource so badly - and so counter-intuitively - that we might not have enough to last through to the next century. Not only that, but the ecological impacts along the coasts are devastating.

From the Surfrider Foundation's cause website, Know Your H2O:

Created through a collaboration of volunteer Surfrider activists, The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water evolved into a 20-minute video explaining the connection between environmental problems on the coast and our outdated water management system. It explains the problems we face and offers solutions to improve the process and (re)use this precious resource wisely. The myopia of our society leads decision makers to propose and rely on short-term solutions to long-term problems, at the expense of our resources. For example, leaders propose desalination to create the renewable resource of water, but rely on the use of a non-renewable source of energy to do it. Short-sighted thinking led us into this Cycle of Insanity.

The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water - TRAILER from Surfrider Foundation on Vimeo.