Mirrored Sun-Catcher Reflects Sunlight Into the Home via Smartphone (Video)

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Sun shining through an apartment window

Paul Liao / EyeEm / Getty Images

The drab, hollow days of winter make many of us (myself included) yearn for the glorious sun of summer -- or at least some kind of light therapy device capable of alleviating some of the 'blah' symptoms of the winter blues. But perhaps it could be as simple as installing some kind of sun-catcher, or a mirrored device that reflects sunlight into our homes. British designer Lucy Norman's Sun Sill builds on this idea, using windowsill-mounted mirrors to bounce scarce sunlight into dark interiors.

Sun Sill features a series of round mirrors perched on the exterior windows that reflect sunlight into the home, which is then reflected again to the desired spot using a manually-operated interior mirror.

Like a computer-controlled heliostat, Sun Sill's mirrors are controlled via a smartphone application that tracks the user's location and automatically determines the best position for the mirrors to catch sunlight into the same spot all day.

According to the designer, Sun Sill can reduce the energy costs associated with artificial lighting. Even on cloudy days, the reflected sunlight from the Sun Sill measures twice the brightness of a conventional lightbulb -- a boon to indoor-bound workers and those who suffer from seasonal affected disorder (SAD).

It's a simple but effective idea that marries tech with the solar rhythms we are all dependent upon, and you can see it in action at the Forces of Nature exhibition from March 13 to April 28, 2014 at 19 greek street, London.