10 Summer Crafts for Teens and Tweens

Crafty kids are the best kids. (Photo: In Green/Shutterstock)

Summer is here! Chances are, if you have teens and tweens at home, they are booked solid with classes, clubs, work and get-togethers. But on the off-chance they do have a little down time at home, here are 10 awesome craft projects that are light years beyond crayons and glue, and sure to please even the most advanced crafters:

  1. Bandana beach bag
  2. Embroidered jeans
  3. Flower flip-flops
  4. Summer bath salts
  5. Batik art
  6. Lacy knit wrap
  7. Handmade soap
  8. Origami paper zoo
  9. Beaded loop choker
  10. Glow in the dark alien babies
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