SugarSky Headbands Are Handmade and Handsome

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Add some pizzazz to your hairdo with these fun, colorful accessories, all made in USA.

Are you looking for a fun way to accessorize your wardrobe for spring? Add a splash of color and a whole lot of practicality with these gorgeous headbands and bandannas from SugarSky. All pieces are handmade by well-paid artisans in Denver, Colorado, and use fabric that's made from 79 percent recycled water bottles and 21 percent spandex. It's printed in the USA and has a 35+ UV rating for sun protection.

It's unusual to find a fashion company making anything by hand these days. As company owner Skyler Thomas explains, this has pros and cons.

"We realize that it would be a lot easier to outsource this stuff (to China, etc.), but wouldn't we then be at the mercy of another company to drive our decisions? Also, part of our mission is empowering people. We want to employ and empower those right here in the U.S."

Hand-making allows the company to listen to its customers and offer customized designs, but guessing stock amounts can be challenging. That's why it can take up to 5 days for a headband to ship, in case it needs to be made specially for the order. Still, it seems worth the wait.

There are three styles available. The headbands come with a decorative twist sewn in, which can be worn at the front or back. You can adjust the width as desired, and wear the band like a turban, or flat, thin or thick. You could even use it as a hair scrunchie in a pinch. The bandanas are versatile, wearable in any way you want, and the neck tubes satisfy that urge to have something protective around the neck without fussing with a knot at the back. Pull it up to cover your hair as needed.

SugarSky headbands

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Perhaps most fun about SugarSky is its fun patterns. The fabrics are brightly colored, full of funky geometric shapes, florals, animals, even maps and words of encouragement. You can find something for every taste.

I've been using a SugarSky headband for the past month. It was initially very tight, but has stretched out to become more comfortable with use, which the website says is normal. The fabric I've found to be a bit slippery and it has come off during intense workouts, which leads me to think the headbands are more for day-to-day use or less vigorous activity. Still, I think they're beautiful and love the ethics behind the product, so would recommend to anyone looking for a fun, new accessory.

Skyler Thomas

© SugarSky -- Skyler Thomas, owner of SugarSky, models one of her bandannas.

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