19 Stylish Dogs in Scarves

Dogs know that scarves are all the rage right now (and the scarves also help keep them warm)!. Jordan Colley/flickr

With winter upon us, it's time to bundle up against the chill — but don't forget your pooch. We've rounded up 20 photos of man's best friend in their winter best.

A tiny dog in a big red scarf
This dog will grow into this scarf. One day. Mark Turnauckas/flickr
Saddest dog in the world wearing a scarf
'I appreciate the thought, everyone, but these aren't really my colors.'. waldopepper/flickr
A small bulldog looks very distinguished in a scarf
Scarves can add an air of distinction to anyone. lovine/flickr
Small dog in Santa hat and scraf
When you add a Santa hat to the scarf, it really completes the holiday ensemble. Nikita Kashner/flickr
Corgi in a fuzzy green scarf
With this scarf, this corgi is ready to party. Aine/flickr
A dog wrapped up in a scarf
If you're creative, or just don't have much of a neck, a scarf can protect your neck and your ears. amboo who?/flickr
A black dog wearing an orange scarf
When you're all dressed up but there is no snow. tohu/flickr
A white dog attempts to eat a scarf
This dog has confused wearing a scarf with scarfing down a scarf. Johnny Jet/flickr
A dog wrapped in a black and yellow scarf
This dog declares its 'Harry Potter' house with this scarf. (Those are Hufflepuff colors.). Monja . con . patines/flickr
A greyhound wears a turquoise scarf
Greyhounds are susceptible to the cold, so make sure they bundle up with a tasteful but colorful scarf. eddiemcfish/flickr
A dog with a scarf in its mouth
The scarf goes around the neck, buddy, not the in mouth. Shane Adams/flickr
Tiny dog with a tiny scarf
We didn't know they made scarves that tiny!. Fernando Martinez Molina/flickr
A Ridgeback wears a multi-color scarf
'This scarf makes my good side look even better.'. Andre Hagenbruch/flickr
A maltese wears a scarf and hipster glasses
'I was into scarves and pilsners before they got really popular.'. lovine/flickr
A Border Collie wearing a warm scarf
A scarf can brighten up otherwise routine fur patterns. eddiemcfish/flickr
Pug wearing leopard print scarf
This pug isn't afraid to be seen wearing leopard print scarf. DaPuglet/flickr
Pomeranian wrapped in a scarf
The scarf might be a little too tight. Or too big. Or too everything. Aine/flickr
A black poodle wears a green and white scatf
This poodle is a big fan of Hammarby, a Swedish soccer club. devlyn/flickr