You're Wearing Whaaat? 7 Outrageous Examples of Reuse in Contemporary Fashion

emma kaywin condom dress photo

Photo via Ecouterre.

As we all know, fashion is ever-changing. This means that the looks that appear on the runway have to be surprising and unexpected. While none of the following have made it that far, it's astonishing to see what designers will do to make their designs stand out from the rest. Add reuse to that equation and you've got a recipe for outlandish fashion...sourcing materials including condoms, fish scales, dog fur, and more.

1. Expired Rubbers are Fashionable

Have you ever stopped to think how many expired, unused condoms end up in the landfill? Probably not, but we imagine there are tons. That's why New York University student Emma Kaywin has drawn some attention from her designs using the rubbery materials. While the thought of it may make you cringe, Kaywin's dresses made from expired condoms (and yes, unused) are actually quite attractive and she's been known to wear them in public. Only in New York. But we can't imagine the latex smell would make you very popular at a party.

2. Recycled Aluminum Can Heels

recycled aluminum can shoes photo
Image via TrendHunter Magazine.

We are in love with these shoes, but...can they possibly be comfortable? Hand-crafted by British designer Georgina Goodman, these heels are made from at least six recycled aluminum drink cans. They are made with a beautifully twisted metal heel and definitely make an iconic statement. We could definitely think of a few outfits to pair these with for our next cocktail party.

3. Bikinis Made From Fish Scales

fish scale bikini photo

Photo via TrendHunter Magazine.

Next time you order tilapia in a restaurant (one of the greenest farmed fishes), you might be relieved to know that the skin is being reused as well. In Thailand, anyway. Apparently millions of unused tilapia skins are thrown away worldwide, and recently a group of entrepreneurs found a way to reuse them -- designing swimwear. The scales are turned into wearable bikini fabric, but we still can't help but wonder if the sliminess fades as you wear it.

4. Canine Couture

fashion from dog hair photo
Photo via If It's Hip, It's Here.

It's been said that many owners and their pets often look alike. Now you can get even one step closer by not just dressing to match your dog, but actually wearing the same thing. This bizarre process is actually quite simple, as it's taken from hair recovered from brushing. When a large enough amount has been collected for knitting, the hair is spun into balls of fabric and then returned to the owner. The hair is then used to construct the garment, which we imagine is usually a sweater or coat.

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