You Voted For It--Now Wear It: Mr. Splashy Pants Continued

whale.bmp It's official: on-line voters have shown their support for the name Mr. Splashy Pants as the overwhelmingly favoured monicker for Greenpeace's humpback whale. Mr.Splashy Pants got a huge 119,367 votes (over 78 percent of the vote) with his nearest rival being Humphrey at 4,329 (less than 3 percent). The rest of the top ten were Aiko, Libertad, Mira, Kaimana, Aurora, Shanti, Amal and Manami. The great debate extended to treehugger, where this important subject topped the list in comments (187 and still counting) with almost all of the remarks noting an enthusiastic preference for this popular (and bizarre) choice; the controversy was called "Splashygate" by one reader. As Greenpeace noted: "Some websites encouraged their readers to cheat and vote more than once, while others like Treehugger seemed to imply that Mister Splashy Pants wasn't a proper name for a whale".

Now all you enthusiastic cheerleaders can wear it on your chest, or shorts, or on a mug. Yes treehuggers, Greenpeace has anticipated your desires and come out with a whole line of products bearing the Mr. Splashy Pants logo (who knew there was one?). There are boxer shorts, fridge magnets, and buttons in 3 sizes. And of course, the tee-shirt, in organic cotton. Or you can buy a bib or playsuit for your child. It's Christmas, live it up. :: Greenpeace

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