Yogoco Introduces a Yoga Bag Made From Discarded T-Shirts

Yogoco Yoga bag photo

Photo: Benjamin Segal

Yogoco has introduced an eco-friendly yoga bag that holds it all. It holds your mat, towel, water bottle, and whatever else you need for your practice and comes in whimsical and fun designs. Find out what makes this bag greener than most.
Yogoco has introduced an eco-friendly bag made from discarded T-shirts. The fabric is made from pre-consumer T-shirt scraps, discarded during the apparel cut and sew process.

Yogoco's Ecologically Responsible Fabric
Pre-consumer fibers and clippings are collected after the cut and sew process, sorted by color, and blended. The cotton fibers require no new dying. Because it's made from T-shirt scraps it saves the water that would be used in the dying process and uses no new polluntants either. Additionally, no new cotton is grown. That means no land use, no harsh pesticides, and no water intensive irrigation is needed to make the eco-friendly fabric. The patterned bags are 70 percent eco-friendly fabric and the two solids bags use about 90 percent eco-friendly fabric. The fabric in the large mat section of the bag, as well as much of the towel section and piping are constructed from the recycled fabrics.

Other Green Policies
Yogoco bag tags, business cards, postcards, and brochures are printed on recycled paper and use soy and vegetable based inks. The company uses A Greener Printer certified by the Bay Area Association of Green Businesses and certified as being in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards. All of the printer's shipping is certified carbon-free and the printer is 100 percent wind-powered.

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