Yoav Kotik's Recycling Between the Garbage and the Flowers


Exhibiting last Fall with Design Boom in Tokyo, Israel's Yoav Kotik is not afraid to try new things. From an industrial designer to working in the insurance industry, and now back to the world of Art, Kotik at 50, is now exhibiting his recycled flowers "Spring" at Tel Aviv's Periscope Gallery.

We spoke with him yesterday about his work: mainly he's getting by selling one-of-a-kinds and limited edition jewelry sets (pictured below) and lighting fixtures.

Looking to break into the US market (ideas anyone?), Kotik was not inspired by green motives, he says, but by the urban environment around him.

He's charged with a mission to change the way people think about trash, and scopes out new finds in Israeli cities and factories. Among his favorite materials are bottle caps and cans, which he fashions into jewelry: necklaces, rings and bracelets.

We think if you look hard enough, you'll meet him out in the fields somewhere holding hands with Leonard Cohen's Suzanne.



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