Yesterday's News Is Tomorrow's Fashion

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The folks at Green Veranda, working directly with 32 ladies in a brazilian design coop, have found a way to turn all of those leftover, unrecycled newspapers into accessories and home decor. From clutches, to eco-square totes and full-moon handbags, the ladies have found a great way to give a new life to some of the millions of newspapers printed daily. That's not all that the ladies at Green Veranda can make out of newspapers.

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Need an eco-gift for a friend? This might be the place. From placemats, to magazine holders to jewelry and belts, the ladies have a recycled newspaper version for each of these categories and they would make an easy gift for the person who has everything, or at least who has all of the eco-obvious items. Several of the purses have cloth linings, and there area also napkins and belts on the site, all of which are made from hand-woven cotton cloth and jute. To keep the paper from disintegrating, the bags are sealed with a natural laminate.

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The newspapers themselves are collected from area Brazilian papers that either have misprints or over prints, or from area businesses that don't sell the papers by the end of the day. Green Veranda has found a way to reuse all of the paper (trees) that go into making newspapers, but the company is also dedicated to replacing those trees and plants a tree for every purchase made. In addition, with your purchase, you can choose to donate a percentage of the profits made from that item to several social and environmental charities.:Green Veranda
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