Yarn Graffiti Documentary Needs Your Help to Get Made (Video)

yarn bus photo

Yarn bus. Photo: Screenshot via SarahGonzo29

From the Hollywood hills to Machu Piccho, Peru, yarn graffiti is taking over urban to rural landscapes.

Chances are you've seen it in person--or if you frequent TreeHugger, you've at least read about yarn bombing. Well, Sarah Gonzalez is making her directing debut with a documentary on the subject, but she needs help (via Craft). Watch the trailer:
Video: SarahGonzo29

Of course, I've read about the yarn knitting movement here on TreeHugger but I had no idea what a global movement it was. Plus, the doc focuses on interesting philosophical points surrounding the movement such as the intersection of this female-dominated craft with the male-dominated world of graffiti. From the filmmakers:

The primary goal of this documentary is to formally introduce the world to Yarn Bombing, giving a retrospective history...Topics of discussion will touch on why Yarn Bombing is dominated by women, how it differs from male-dominated crafts, and whether commissioned artists have "sold out" from their guerilla, graffiti roots.

Visit IndieGoGo to help the filmmakers get this documentary made, and don't worry if you're short on cash, they have a "Starving Artist" contribution at $10--every little bit helps!

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