Wrap Your Wrists in Rock Stars' Used Guitar Strings

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Attention green music fans—how much do you love rock music? Are you such a huge Clapton fan that you'd clothe yourself in his guitar's byproducts? Do you love Queen enough to press that which guitarist Brian May's fingers once caressed upon your arm? Would you don Keith Richard's, Jack Johnson's, or Jack Black's silvery strings as proud evidence of both your greenness and devotion to all that rocks?

Or maybe you've just been patiently waiting for the day when rock memorabilia would finally at long last intersect with eco-wear. If any of the above applies, rejoice, friends. The time for you to wrap your wrists in jewelry made from rock gods' rusty old guitar strings has finally come.
Wear Your Music has come up with a rather ingenious way to combine music memorabilia, a staunch reuse ethos, and charitable donations—they take guitar strings donated by rock, country, and pop stars and handcraft them into unique bracelets. The strings are bound by 100 percent recycled silver, and bear the initial of whichever rock star's strings are wound round your wrist—and 100 percent of the profit from each goes to a charity of the artists' choice. The bracelets range from $75 to $500 (depending on the rock godliness of the axeman donating the wares), and make for an extremely unique gift.

Elvis Costello, Pete Townshend, Peter Frampton, Bonnie Rait, Slash, Rivers Cuomo Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte, and Death Cab for Cutie are just a few of the artists and bands participating. And new arrivals are updated frequently.

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