World's Most Expensive Flip Flop Will Save The Rainforests

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Sure, a pair of flip flops won't really save all rainforests, but dropping $18,000 to own them, with the proceeds going to protect 100,000 square feet of endangered rain forest land certainly can't hurt. The sandals are designed by Los Angeles artist David Palmer and are priced at, yes you read it right, $18,000.

The sandals were designed for Chipkos, an eco-friendly sandal company with a particularly cool business plan -- for every pair of sandals purchased, the company protects 100 square feet of rain forest.

"Like adding land to Yosemite, each sandal purchase expands a Costa Rican national park by one hundred square feet, thereby protecting the habitat, species and resources within that land area in perpetuity," explains Norm Gershenz, Executive Director of SaveNature.Org in the press release.

Only this pair -- the world's most expensive pair -- will protect 100,000 square feet. Plus, you get a "meet and greet" with the artist and a two-night stay at LEED-certified Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.

It's basically the really swanky way to "save the rainforest" without leaving the lap of luxury. We're hoping that the hotel avoids any rainforest-sourced products, right down to the toilet paper.

Here's an odd sticking point -- the sandals come with a mahogany and glass case. Really? Mahogany? A hardwood that comes from rainforests?? We're hoping it is at least sourced from a sustainable FSC plantation. It seems like a very strange choice of wood for a sandal that is supposed to represent the conservation of rainforests.

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