Wool "Barefoot" Slippers by Top-Felt Can be Worn Year Round

top-felt slippers photo
Photo: Top Felt

There's something about the weather cooling that has me seeking the perfect pair of slippers. Granted, my last two posts on cute, cozy slippers for WeeHuggers and handmade kids booties hardly fit, these industrial wool felt slippers by Top-Felt just might be the ticket! Their aesthetic is simple and functional, and they can be worn year round as they are both warm in winter and cool in summer. top-felt slippers photo
top-felt slippers photo
top-felt slippers photo
top-felt slippers photo
All photos: Top Felt

Top-Felt has eliminated arch support and the cushioning which keeps the foot out of touch with the ground from their slipper, making it a "barefoot" shoe--much like Terra Plana's barefoot running shoes. If you're not used to being barefoot they may take some time to get used to. But Top-Felt says they are still comfortable. Try them out.

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