Wood (Jewellery) is Good


Long, chunky necklaces are all the rage this season, take it from us--we've been to London Fashion Week--and we know. So how handy to discover these necklaces made from a single sheet of birch wood plywood--at the London Design Festival; how's that for crossover trends, great minds thinking alike, etc. etc. The range is made from a repeated series of links which decrease in scale, each one is cut from the space inside the largest one. The goal is to have minimal wastage of materials. The colouring is natural, with burn marks left exposed from the laser cutting. Not only are there these great looking necklaces, but bracelets, key rings, rings and earrings are also made from the same process.

The artist has has also created a series of tea cups that develop more and more of a pattern as they are used. The inside of the cup is treated so as to stain in certain places as a result of the tannin from tea. The more the cup is used, the more the pattern is revealed. The intensity of the pattern depends on the owner's personal tea drinking habits. :: Woodlondon Via :: London Design Festival

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