With a Hybrid Diaper, a French Designer Greens Babies' Bottoms


Photo: Alex Davies

At the Meet My Project design exposition in Paris this week, French designer Florence Hallouin presented her latest work. Hallouin, a graduate of the prestigious Ecole Nationale Superieure de Creation Industrielle and a working mother with a passion for sustainability, decided to reinvent the diaper. The result: the Hamac diaper, composed of an outer shell and an inserted diaper, whether washable or disposable. When the diaper is dirtied, there's no need to wash the entire thing, just pull out the insert, and throw it in the laundry or the trash.Hallouin told the French site BebeGuide:

Washable diapers are at the same time great and impossible. They tend to leak, take time to dry and aren't easy to use in the schedule of a working mother. It's a product with room for improvement. So I set myself to it, using my skills as an industrial designer.

Completely plastic-free and manufactured exclusively in France, the Hamac diaper is a boon to parents with an eye for sustainability, but who don't always have time to be perfectly green. Check out the video to see how it works (it's in French, but the images are pretty self-explanatory):

The Hamac diaper earned Hallouin a finalist's spot in Paris' Grand Prizes for Innovation, in the eco-innovation category, and we can see why: it's easy on the environment, on the wallet (using washable diapers drastically cuts down on expenses), and on parents' stress levels.

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