William Good: Clothing Re-Made from Second Hand Sources


What do you get when you combine an iconic underwear designer and Goodwill's second-hand apparel? William Good, of course; it's a new project of Nick Graham, the San Francisco-based fashion designer behind Joe Boxer, who is teaming up with local Goodwill stores to create new apparel from old, second-hand clothing.

Here's how it works: after 30 days on the floor, whatever hasn't sold at Goodwill gets discarded. Graham grabs this bounty, which is 75% of all donations, and re-fashions, re-designs and re-makes them into whimsical one-of-a-kind creations that will go on sale at the very same Goodwill (on Fillmore and Post streets, for those of you in the Bay Area) in mid-November.

This is the first of what Goodwill hopes to be a country- and then world-wide trend; second-hand is already a greener way to go, and adding another life cycle to unwanted apparel headed for landfill makes it even moreso. If you aren't in San Francisco, you can shop online starting November 15. ::William Good via ::Core77

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