Where Did Your Sweater Come From?


If you're wearing a sweater from Flocks, a new knitwear brand from the Netherlands, you'll be able to trace the wool back to the very animal that provided it. Because one sheep provides enough wool for exactly one sweater, the company is able to credit each animal for the fiber used via a tag that lists the animal's ID number, breed, and weight, as well as its year and place of birth. You even get a photo of your sheep. How's that for an ultrapersonal touch? Prices start at EUR 475.

While non-dyed wool is currently being used in all its natural glory, Flock plans on extending its provenance labels to materials dyed with plant-based extracts, so you'll be able to meditate on the type of plant used and where it was harvested. :: Flocks

[via Springwise]

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