What's Up, Dame? Vivienne Westwood, Bugs Bunny Bag It Green For the Amazon

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A legendary fashion designer and a two-dimensional, wisecracking rabbit don't exactly run in the same circles, but Vivienne Westwood and Bugs Bunny are just two of the five international bold-face names that have banded together to prove that style and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

"E-co-branding," a new line of bags by AmazonLife, brings together the Westwood, Braccialini, Evisu, Gherardini, and yes, Looney Tunes trademarks to communicate the importance of protecting the rich biodiversity of the Amazon basin, which teeters on the brink of collapse from deforestation.Caoutchouc, linen, jute, coconut, straw, denim, camouflage army shirts, dresses, and old foulards have been used to create the five-piece collection, one that, according to a press release, brings "forest lifestyle and respect for the environment into daily urban life."

Above, is Braccialini's Conori, crafted from recycled colored plastic appliqués, rubber leaves, and bird feathers, then topped off with a wooden handle.

AmazonLife purse photo
Photo credit: AmazonLife

From born-again eco-warrior Dame Westwood, whose most recent couture collection was dubbed "+5°" to allude to the rise in global temperature due to climate change, comes the Yasmine. Made with organic canvas and Treetap rubber, the tote bears the statement-making +5° logo.

AmazonLife purse photo
Photo credit: AmazonLife
Looney Tunes throws its top toon's celebrity clout behind the Bugs Bunny, a large canvas sack with organic rubber handles and watercolor prints of the beloved Warner Brothers character.

AmazonLife purse photo
Photo credit: AmazonLife
Gherardini transforms vintage army togs—including collar badges, camouflage prints, and medals—into the Sergeant Shopping, a mirror-universe version of its iconic shopping bag, complete with rubber handles and piping.

AmazonLife purse photo
Photo credit: AmazonLife

The Cycle by Evisu comprises denim from discarded jeans and sports a rubber logo and EcoTech handles made from recycled plastic bottles.

The bags will be available online at AmazonLife and at the individual brands' boutiques.

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