Wearable Plastic Bottle T-Shirts Say a Lot

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Justin Timberlake has a lot to say about his t-shirt swag. Photo from A Lot to Say

Turn all those Crystal Geyser, Evian, and Fiji plastic water bottles into t-shirts, slap on a sustainability slogan and you get A Lot to Say t-shirts, with mottos like: Turn On. Fuel. Unplug. The message on your chest speaks to the environmental and makes a fashion statement: VIRGIN plastic is what most shampoo and conditioner bottles are made from and they add to over 35% of waste in landfills. Not sexy.With two "green scene" lines, the positive note (Love, Ignite, Tap) and the edgier note (Hot, Flush, Turn On), these eco-friendly t-shirts are manufactured in the US with recycled bottles, removing non-biodegradable materials from landfills. A Lot to Say tees also use a water-free AirDye printing technology. Traditional dying takes an average of 15-25 gallons of water per t-shirt, so this process uses 86% less energy, plus the inks have no PVCs or toxins and produce no hazardous by-products.

Owners/creators, Alison Stanich Power in New York and Jennifer Stanich-Banmiller in San Francisco, who hail from the advertising and marketing world, know about the power of words and consumer products. They created A Lot to Say to take a stand about the environment and civil liberties (ex.: "I do" t-shirts). "We wanted to do something that would not only inspire us, but would engage others to get involved and stay involved," says Banmiller. Their manifesto states:

If you think something, say it. If you believe something, say it. Saying it creates new awareness. Awareness sparks new behavior. And new behavior inspires us all to be better. If we speak out, others will act out. To vote. Recycle. Save. To think a little more. To try a little harder. So never be afraid to say it. Or wear it. Everyday.

Available in tanks, crew tees, hoodies, bags, and Spanish versions. The company's Give Back Program donates proceeds to nonprofits including the International Green Energy Council and Animal Rescue Foundation. "Saving our resources can't just be a movement, it needs to be a way of life," says Power.

Here are some more of their fun and factual sayings:

HOT and getting hotter. Global warming has caused the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere to increase by 1 degree Fahrenheit in recent years. Ouch.

TURN ON your lights with a timer. In one 12 hour day, we collectively could save $187 million in energy costs. That's big buzz.

FLUSH the toilet and you instantly use 1.6 gallons of water. 40% of all the drinking water supplied to homes is flushed down the toilet.

FUEL your tank with the lowest grade octane allowed and save over 3 billion dollars a year — enough to buy more than 100,000 hybrid cars.

Fun simple stuff. But what I might say is: How recyclable are these t-shirts? Though beneficial to not produce more raw materials, how healthy is it to wear plastic apparel instead of organic fabric? And I'm not so sure about the following: "Nuke your food in a clean microwave. You'll be up to 4.8 times more energy efficient than using a traditional electric oven." There are gas and convection options. And there are lots of other A Lot to Say tees, too.

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Wearable Plastic Bottle T-Shirts Say a Lot
Turn all those Crystal Geyser, Evian, and Fiji plastic water bottles into t-shirts, slap on a sustainability slogan and you get A Lot to Say t-shirts, with mottos like:

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