Wear Your Favorite Craft Beer on Your Hat with New Real Deal Brazil Accessories

RDB craft hatband photo
Real Deal Brazil Craft Beer Cap Hats. Photo: Real Deal Brazil

From Real Deal Brazil, the brand that brought us Woody Harrelson's recycled-tarp hat from the filmZombieland, comes their new Craft Beer Cap Hat Bands for those who take pride in their preferred choice of beer--and like to wear it on their hat. Take a look:RDB craft hatband photo
Photo: Real Deal Brazil

Real Deal Brazil's recycled hats, bags, and personal accessories are made in Brazil from recycled canvas tarps that were once used across the beds of cross-country cargo trucks--cool stuff. As they're made with recycled fabric--and have stood the test of time--they are one of a kind, and some even have been stamped on in Portuguese with waterproof black ink. Plus, they're shipped to company headquarters in North Carolina by boat, which is much more efficient than plane.

RDB craft hatband photo
Photo: Real Deal Brazil

The newest addition to their collection is, of course, the craft beer cap hat bands, which are made in the Greenville, N.C., where Real Deal Brazil is based. Though they're sold separately, the ridged edges of the bottle caps suit the rugged nature of the tarp hats and just like their collection using recycled tarp, they hat bands are made with recycled cord, from the company's sister hammock business, the craft and import caps are collected from local bars and restaurants, which would otherwise be throwing them away.

I can't imagine the craft beer cap hats, which retail for $23.99 each, suiting anything other than the tarp hats but they're a fun accessory for those who adore their tarp hats--and drinking craft beer.

What do you think? Fun accessory or just plain trashy? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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