We Can't Make This Stuff Up Dept.: The Chopstick Bra


Lingerie-maker Triumph International Japan has just unveiled the "My Chopsticks Bra" in Tokyo to promote the use of reusable chopsticks. That's right, you can enhance your cleavage and save the planet at the same time.

The not-for-sale concept bra, which has a Japanese dining-table theme, comes with a pair of collapsible chopsticks. The right cup consists of a rice bowl, while the left comprises a miso-soup bowl. Meanwhile, a removable chopstick rest is nuzzled between the cups. Cloth holsters, placed on the sides of the cups, hold the chopsticks, while pushing against your bosom to create the desired décolletage. Need a moment to take that all in? Yeah, we did too.

This isn't Triumph's first foray into eco-friendly lingerie: The company has also created a novelty bra that turns into a cloth shopping bag, and another that can be heated in the microwave to keep the wearer warm, in a creative bid to reduce energy consumption. ::Reuters Life

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