We Add Up Asks Students To Design Their Next T-Shirt

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Students wear We Add Up action t-shirts. Photo: We Add Up
We Add Up, a global campaign that uses organic cotton t-shirts with action messages to raise awareness on climate change, is launching a spring semester school contest, which will enlist the talent of students across the country to design their next t-shirt. The contest ends May 31, 2011. Read on for details. we add up photo
Photo: We Add Up

The winning school group to design the next We Add Up t-shirt will also get to select a non-profit organization who will receive a $3 donation from each t-shirt sold (for one year). The t-shirt will sold on We Add Up.

we add up photo
Photo: We Add Up

We Add Up t-shirts (if you're not familiar) are printed by hand with a unique number on the front representing where you are in the global count of participating members, which currently includes 19,000 people. The back of each shirt is printed with a positive action such as Lights Off, Bike, Buy Local, and the list goes on.

The brand has a fund raising program designed to help students as well as communities raise money and awareness for their conservation projects. More than 100 schools are involved. Visit We Add Up for more.

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