Waste Veggie Oil: Good For Your Hands?

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How many uses can we find for waste veggie oil and its byproducts? Let us count the ways...The New York Times reports that husband and wife duo Megan & Marshall Dostal want to bring it into your home, in the form of hand soap. Further Soap blends the glycerin leftover from the production of waste veggie oil along with bergamot, olive and other grass oils to make a soap that reuses a reused product.

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Marshall Dostal originally stumbled on the idea after years of making veggie oil for his own car. The waste veggie oil from local restaurants was mixed with potassium hydroxide and methanol and then glycerin was extracted from the mixture, leaving fuel for his car. When Marshall began to play around with making soap from the leftover glycerin, Megan got in on the act to help make the soap smell more like something people might use. After FDA-testing, the result is Further Soap, which the Dostalls took back to their veggie oil vending restaurants for the staff to use. Now the soap is available for $18.50 USD for an 8 oz bottle.

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