Voltaic Solar/Electronic Backpack


Sneak Peak: Clever idea! a backpack with solar panels embedded into the outside of the bag, designed to charge portable electronics.

More an electronic bag, than just a solar charger. The battery pack (Li Ion = rechargeable and recyclable) can also be recharged by plugging it into your wall or car. This is a true mobile power source, so it's just as useful in the city as off the grid.

Only coming mid November, but we got to test a prototype (full disclosure: this is a friend of TreeHugger's). It charged our phones etc. as promised, but most surprising was the number of people that stopped to ask about it. It'll charge an iPod but won't charge a laptop.

A solar array you wear on your back that actually looks great! Who knew? (Less disposable batteries, more freedom to be outside and helps promote the wonders of solar power) $229 at ::Voltaic Systems




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