Vogue Magazine (UK) Features Bargain-Priced DIY and Eco Fashion

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Image from Trendhunter magazine

That's right--it is Vogue (UK edition) and it is tea towels... Fashion designer Peter Jensen stitched this casual shirtdress together from some very good looking dish towels and it only cost $25.00. It's part of a tongue-in-cheek series called Make Do and Mend, featuring stylish clothes made with tape, scissors, a needle and thread and lots of nerve.

Not everyone will be up to taking 35 plastic bags and taping them together to make a sophisticated looking (on the model that is) pink and white striped jacket and trousers. But the playsuit made out of tea towels is a possibility... After the fold: a dress made out of 45 mop heads.

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Images from Cocu Magazine

Here's the show stopper: an over-the-top dress made from 45 mop heads, for a mere $97.00. Note the dish clothes for sleeves and the delightful clothes pins holding them in place. A little rope for a bow at the neck, and Vogue's your aunt.

garbage vogue.photo

Only try this one if you are tall. It's made out of green garbage bags, with some chic dots added for colour. The polka dots are made of bathtub plugs, of course. The bolero jacket is made of yellow rubber gloves, darling--only the best.

There is a white dress made out of doillies and a plastic table cloth. The model is sprinkled with icing sugar so that she can wear it to a tea party.

toilet vogue.photo

And check out the platform shoes please, made out of two rolls of toilet paper. Don't wear them in the rain.

Everyone is getting into the thrifty spirit this season. Vivienne Westwood, famous eccentric and British designer has her own suggestions for thrift dressing:

"Women should try on their husband's jackets and even boxer shorts for size as outerwear. Wearing political badges is also a great look and kerchiefs worn as knickers can be fun for the disco or the beach. You can also tie tablecloths or even blankets around yourself to look good."

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