Victoria's Secret Offers Itty Bitty (Recycled) Bikini

Victorias Secret recycled bikini

Yesterday, during my post-work nosh ritual, I felt one Fig Newman too heavy as I surfed the Victoria's Secret 2008 Swimsuit must-haves, which had arrived in my inbox. Now, despite the name of their signature bra and scent, Victoria’s Secret hasn’t exactly been an angel when it comes to sustainable practices, but a Northeastern girl like myself (or any guy for that matter) can’t deny the promise of sun and sand that the brand's swimsuits bestow on a bleak February day. This year, however, feeling oh-so-over Valentine’s Day and not-so-bikini ready, I couldn’t relate. Not to Adrianna or Giselle nor their cup sizes, the glitz, the glamour--nada. That's I until spotted a bikini-clad brunette sporting a palm leaf-print number by designer Aaron Chang. Although the fibers are imported, it’s the first bikini from Victoria's Secret that I’ve seen that is made from a recycled blend of polyester and spandex. And for the days when you find yourself staring at the bottom of an empty cookie sleeve? Matching cover-up shorts made from organic cotton. Now that’s something I can relate to.

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