Verde: Fine Jewelry for Conscientious Adornment


Chances are good that if something sparkles, I'll probably like it. I go in especially big for sustainable glitz, so Verde's designer Gwendolyn Davis had me in just two clicks through her snazzy site. I was immediately captivated by a bamboo bracelet highly polished and set with Swarovski crystals, but it wasn't long before I found my way to the Antianara necklace. The pendant is a sculptured bamboo tile polished to a high sheen gloss, and set with a 1940's Vintage Swarovski Crystal. Verde has plenty to offer for non-sparkleholics as well. Lovely mother-of-pearl sculptured pendants and colorful "desert pearl" earrings can be found alongside hip lace-up bamboo cuffs and stylish leopard pattern bamboo bracelets. Do some window-shopping at the Verde site and you'll also learn a bit more about the ins and outs of sustainable living and fashion.

P.S. Good news for TreeHuggers! Gwendolyn is generously offering a 15% discount for TH readers that use the coupon code of "treehugger07" when making a purchase from Verde.