Ventura - Human Powered Digital Watches


Digital watches. Ha! How Cheap. You can almost get them free in a box of cereal these days. Think again. A Swiss company is producing luxury digital timepieces, with many a twist. While the pricing requires a well padded wallet, it's more the technology employed that intrigued us. In 2000, Ventura launched what they termed the first automatic battery-free (that's the bit we like) digital watch. A "micro-generator driven by the centrifugal forces created by the movements of the wrist", produces the electricity required. Turn the winder for extra power. A sensor notices when the watch is not being used, and shuts down the liquid crystal display (LCD), yet at the slightest movement it perks up, showing the correct date and time. Originally launched with BMW and winning a Red Dot design award, Ventura are extending the line beyond the Sparc (shown here) to including the funky new v-tec MGS, due out before the end of the year. If the Sparc lights your fire, first check you have the requisite $2,200 USD needed to own one. ::Ventura via Reluct.See also stories on the malaria detecting watch and the solar powered watch.

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