Veja and FrenchTrotters Release Men's Sustainable-Luxury Sneakers (Photos)

veja frenchtrotters sneakers photo
Photo: Veja x FrenchTrotters

What happens when a fair trade footwear label partners with a high end Parisian boutique? Enter Veja x FrenchTrotters, a capsule collection of luxury mens sneakers that merge classic design with sustainable materials -- available come fall at select boutiques around the globe. Photos:

veja frenchtrotters sneakers photo
veja frenchtrotters sneakers photo

With their sleek and timeless design, these sneakers won't be going out of style anytime soon. Available in low- and high-top styles (priced at £110 and £125 respectively) and in three classic colors, navy blue, white, and camel, these kicks are crafted with wild Amazonian rubber and leather that has been naturally-tanned with acacia extracts. Plus, you'll find that each pair has been waxed and polished.

veja frenchtrotters sneakers photo
veja frenchtrotters sneakers photo
All photos: Veja x FrenchTrotters

These high-end sneaks were once only available at FrenchTrotters in Paris but now you can find them at End Clothing (UK), Adam et Rope (Japan), Kapok (Hong Kong), Harvest (Germany), and online at Oki-ni.

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