Vegan Shoes, Ecofabulous Fashions and Kids Clothes at The Ki

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Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch
The Ki centers around the stylish, whether that's in home decor, or transportation, but the main draw seemed to be fashion. Clothing lines were highlighted at The Ki, from surfer boardshorts made from recycled fabrics to sarcastic t-shirts, from organic lingerie to soft knitted sweaters for kiddos. Cruising around the floor of The Ki, it's easy to see that green fashion has come into its own.
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Zem Joaqin of Ecofabulous was there to discuss sustainable fashions and styles, and there were several lines of clothing. Interestingly, and somewhat unfortunately, green clothing lines tend to focus on women's wear. This event was no different, with hardly a stitch of mens clothing to be found. And that includes the shoes:

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NeuAura and Mink showed off their line of vegan shoes, including those with animal prints and skin textures. It seems odd to have vegan clothes sport very much non-vegan styles. But they were popular nonetheless. As was more casual wear like these snarky t-shirts:

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And of course green underwear was on display:

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As were super cute and soft clothes for kids:

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But taking the eco-fashions full circle was the Green Garmento, a laundry bag system we love. The bag goes from hamper or laundry bag, to laundry duffel for taking your garments to the eco-friendly dry-cleaners, to a dry-cleaning bag. There are over 80,000 of these distributed throughout the states so far, helping to cut way down on the single-use plastic garment bags handed out by dry-cleaners.

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By looking around the showfloor at The Ki, it is obvious that eco-fashion has fully arrived. The styles created by green-minded designers are making their way into boutiques and mainstream stores everywhere, and it feels like just a short matter of time before it will be easy to find sustainable threads at just about every clothing outlet.

Check out all the fashionable participants at The Ki on their website.

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