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Who knew green could look so good? Vegan purse designer Matt&Nat; gave us a sneak preview of their 2009 vegan purse collection and from the looks of it the bags this season are geared towards the jet setter and the city chic with tasty colors like mustard yellow, chili pepper red, and icy white. While the linings are all made from recycled plastic bottles, several of the bags are made from recycled Japanese paper this year. Also new this season: a men's collection of wallets, laptop cases, briefcases, weekenders and carryalls, inspired by architecture and industrial design, giving them a utilitarian feel. Even better: Most of their bags, old and new, are on sale right now.

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Mustard Cool Vegan Matt&Nat Purse Photo
Inspiration for the bags this season comes from artist Zebedee Jones and his ability to make the texture of the paint so thick that it looks like icing. The Japanese Paper purse collection uses bright colors and waxy textures to give this same impression on each of the bags, as does the similar Pool collection, which has a shiny, patent looking fabric. The Blockhead, a bowling ball bag style purse, has a Mad Men appearance to it and the bags in the Canvas purse collection have a durable, jetsetter, urban warrior feel to them.

Matt & Nat's History

Blockhead Cool Vegan Matt&Nat Purse Photo
What began as a challenge to forego meat for 30 days, turned into a whole new way of life for Inder Bedi, owner and creator of Matt & Nat. Realizing that it takes 10 times as many fossil fuel resources to create one calorie of animal protein as plant protein, and that just giving up meat has more benefit for the planet than buying a $20,000 Prius, Bedi decided to put his money where his mouth wasn't and take leather out of the consumer lifestyle.

Plastic water bottles featured prominently in the 2009 collection, making bags entire out of the bottles and also making felt/faux-suede out of the bottles for linings in all of the Matt&Nat; bags. No animal by-products are included in any of the bags. In the future, Bedi hopes to incorporate biodegradable products into the purses and handbags, include recycled products in the shells of both a mens and womens collection, as well as, completely phase out PVC from all items.:Matt&Nat;
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