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Moving Round
After eight years of operations, the store is still the only solely vegan shoe and accessory store in NYC. Funny thing is when they originally opened near the Gramercy Park section of Manhattan – the shop was in a defunct butcher shop. Now, they reside in the Lower East Side of Manhattan – across the street from Kaight (another animal-friendly place) and around the corner from Babycakes NYC (where you can buy cupcakes that are all-natural, organic and delicious free of common allergens such as wheat, gluten, dairy, casein and eggs).

When the sisters first started selling shoes, there weren't many different designers or styles. Now there are hundreds. According to Erica, most mainstream brands are now catering to the vegan market which wasn't happening just a few years ago. And where most salons supply shoes just to the female species, MooShoes is equally guy-friendly as they are girl.

More than Once
On my first visit, I was focused on getting just the basics for work purchasing a pair of Dennis dress shoes and a belt by Truth. Since then, I’ve introduced everyone I know to their array of goodies. My most recent acquisition was a stylish pair of Ben Sherman Men's Benzina Fashion Trainer. Oh, and I nearly forgot, the prices are right for this recession-climate economy! They prove that green isn’t always more expensive. My Sherman’s were an affordable 70 bones.

If you can’t make it to the shop, you can always order online. But a word to the non-New Yorkers, out-of-towners and daytrippers who ventures to the store – be prepared to not be met with warm smiles and the always-present salesperson asking if you need a different size. The entire LES retail culture doesn’t seem to take kindly to…customer service. They prefer a more cool personality, even cold approach. But what else is new – New York isn’t Kansas! Anywho, if you’re the activists PETA type or just ready to take your green routine to the next level, and you want that perfect mix of practical, edgy and sexy no-guilt footwear, check out MooShoes - There’s plenty to try-on!

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